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The stablecoin fully backed by the KRW


Collateral KRW(CKRW) is a stable coin that issues Korean won (KRW), the legal currency of the Republic of Korea, as collateral. CKRW has absorbed the advantages of existing stable coins as it is, and innovatively improved problems such as transparency and reliability. Based on blockchain technology, transaction history and issuance can be confirmed in a distributed public ledger in real time, CKRW is a stable coin and is deposited in the ratio of 1 to 1 as collateral in the currency of the statutory currency to minimize price volatility and value volatility.


WHY Collateral KRW(CKRW)?



Issued on the smart contract of CKRW blockchain, and forgery and alteration are impossible. In addition, anyone can check the issuance and incineration of CKRW on the blockchain at any time.



CKRW is a secure asset issued as collateral for the Korean won's legal currency and can run a variety of businesses through the coin.



There is a risk of market fluctuation when moving between exchanges. However, when using CKRW, assets can be safely transferred to other exchanges without risk.



CKRW can be replaced by CKRW without risk of exchange rate fluctuation, instead of several dollar-based stable coins used as a hedge against volatility in the existing cryptocurrency market.



The actual value of CKRW is the same as that of won through collateralization of the won, but it can create a new value exchange as a digitized means of value.


Crime Prevention

For CKRW, exchanges are made through operator. In order to exchange CKRW in Korean won again in operator, it is necessary to go through a thorough identification of operator itself at the level of the financial sector

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